Side Draft Weber Carburetors

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I Vapourblasted a pair of Side Draft Weber Carburetors off a Rally car. See before & after photo’s below

I changed the Vapourblasting Media to Soda, this is done by overloading (saturating) the water  in the Vapourblaster  with Soda, until no more soda will dissolve in the water, then by adding even more soda, (think of this as the same as putting 10 teaspoons of sugar in your coffee, no matter how much you stir your coffee the sugar just wont dissolve), this water/soda mixture is then Vapourblasted by introducing compressed air, this will remove the fuel vanish, stains & bring the carburetors to as new condition.

Apart from the absolute mint finish we get, one of the main reasons to use soda as opposed to glass bead on Carburetors, is that soda dissolves in water, so by just washing the finished carb in clean water we can be sure that there is no residue in any of the carb fuel or air gallery’s.

Before  Vapour Blasting:                                           After Vapour Blasting:

After Vapour Blasting fitted to engine:



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"I have just had vespa engine cases and internals vapour blasted - what an amazing transformation ! Kevin has done a fantastic job very thoroughly and quickly at a great price. Highly recommend over other types of blasting ive used in the past, this is far superior."
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"I've just had a set of 38 year Suzuki GT750 crankcases vapourblasted and it has transformed them from dull and dirty to nice and shiny brand new looking, truly awesome, more than happy with the finish and highly recommend to anyone doing any restoration work."
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"I purchased two vintage Mikuni carbs from the USA for a historic racer that I'm building, and being 40 years old they were very corroded. Kevin at 0800Vapourblast has made them into brand new!! I'm quite amazed, and can't recommend this service highly enough. Fantastic finish, and a minimum of dimensional change - ideal for all aluminium castings."
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